New Market Investors LLC

Investor and Owner

NMI acquires, repositions and manages apartment properties.

In the past, we have developed, from the ground up, new construction garden and mid-rise apartment buildings. We have acquired and redeveloped failed under-construction single family and condominium projects. We have invested passive equity in a number of local development companies. We have sponsored a large New Market Tax Credit hotel redevelopment which repositioned a vacant historic department store. We have acquired large, vacant commercial buildings with the intent of holding through economic downcycles. We have purchased bulk foreclosed single family homes which we repaired and sold to first time home buyers.

Our primary interest is acquisition of existing real estate which presents upside opportunity. We have substantial cash liquidity ready to invest. We have substantial investor partners who have invested alongside NMI in multiple transactions. We have excellent credit histories with commercial bank first mortgage lenders with whom we have closed and repaid multiple property loans.

Geographically, we prefer Southeast and Midwest US. Historically, we purchase properties with more than 100 units; we have purchased properties as large as 648 units and as small as 69 units.