New Market Investors LLC

Tsebelu Kuma – Director of Construction Management

Since 2005, Tsebelu Kuma has served as NMI’s construction project manager.  Mr. Kuma is responsible for the planning, budgeting and supervision of all of NMI’s major construction projects as well as long term capital needs planning for the entire NMI portfolio.

New Market InvestorsBefore joining New Market Investors, Tsebelu was a project manager and workforce coordinator for a prominent DC-based community development corporation. His responsibilities included construction administration, contractor relations, draw administration, and governmental regulation compliance.  Tsebelu has substantial experience managing complex construction projects.

Tsebelu is a civil engineer and a Certified Design Technology/AutoCAD engineer. He is certified under HUD’s Lead Safety for Remodeling, Repair, and Painting Program, NRTI’s Cost Estimation Program, NRTI’s Project Management Certification Program, and the District of Columbia’s Construction Permit and Regulatory Process Program.